Public Relations

"...There is only one thing worse in the world than being talked about, and that is not being talked about..." - Oscar Wilde

At Venture Worx we offer the following services for a startup business:

Brand Development & Management

Venture Worx can help your company create a strong and unique brand narrative and continually evolve the messaging to your target audiences for maximum brand awareness and recognition.

Media Relations

Venture Worx can help your company stand apart from others and reach new markets by generating not only publicity but also effective results. We manage perceptions, gain credibility, and generate interest for your company by cultivate old and new relationships. See example

Strategic Planning

All of Venture Worx's recommendations fit into a long-term strategic plan based on research, goals and priorities, and measurable objectives to help you discover new revenue streams.

Communications & Messaging

Venture Worx capitalizes on our communication skills and methods to deliver your company's message effectively to current and potential customers. 

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